Rampart Village Neighborhood Council
Board of

RVNC Board Pics

Board Seat
President David Rockello Community Interest Rep
Vice President Velinda Rockello At-Large Representative  Email 
Treasure Jeffrey Jamison BusinessRepresentative Email
Secretary Rachael Rose Luckey At-Large Representative
Board Rep. Uver Santa Cruz At-Large Representative  
  Joselyn Rosenthal Community Based Organization Representative
  Jose Sanchez Student Representative
  Uver Santa Cruz At-Large Representative
  David Kahn At-Large Representative Email
  Ziah Grace Resident Tenant Representative Email
  Adrienne D. Zurenko Homeowner Representative


The Board of Directors consists of 11 stakeholders.  Candidates will specifically include seven (7) categories composed of:

  • 1 Community Interest
  • 2 resident tenants
  • 2 business representatives
  • 1 homeowner
  • 1 student youth (age 16-20)
  • 1 representative of a local community based organization
  • 3 at-large members.

In addition, 5 Officers shall comprise the Executive Committee.  Officers will be elected by majority vote of the seated Governing Board of Directors.  Officer positions are as follows:

David Rockello

Vice President:
Verlinda Rockello

Jeff Jamison

Rachael Rose Luckey

Member Rep:
Uver Santa Cruz

Board Member Seats: 11
Contact Name: David Rockello, Board President
Contact email: rockello@gmail.com

Office: St. Anne's 
155 N. Occidental Blvd. 
2nd Fl, Rm. 236

Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 283-RVNC (7862)