Rampart Village           
Neighborhood Council


Our committees are were most of the real work gets done and any RVNC stakeholder can be on one.  You can even be a Committee Chair if you are feeling bold!  Once you have signed up, someone will be in touch with you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Secretary at RachaelRoseLuckeyRVNC@gmail.com.

Standing Committees :

  Executive Committee
  • Board President - David Rockello
  • Board Vice President - Velinda Rockello
  • Board Secretary - Rachael Rose Luckey
  • Board Treasurer - Jeff Jamison

Budget, Finance & Grants Committee

  • Chair: Jeff Jamison            

Community Relations, Outreach & Social Networking Committee (CROSN)

  • Chair:    Velinda Rockello       

Planning, Parks, Public Works & Land Use Committee (PPPWLU) -

  • Chair:  Rachael Rose Luckey      

Public Safety, Housing & Transportation Committee (PSHT)

  • Chair: Uver Santa Cruz     


Ad-hoc Committees:

Arts, Recreation, Beatification & Cultural Affaires Ad Hoc Committee (ARBCA)

  • Chair:                    

Bicycle Issues Gardening Smart Ad Hoc Committee (BIGS)

  • Chair:                   

Community Emergency Preparedness Planning Ad Hoc Committee (CEPPC)

  • Chair: Carolyn Burleson  

Governmental & Inter-Neighborhood Council Affaires Ad Hoc Committee (GINCA)

  • Chair:                     

Libraries, Aging, Families, Youth & Education Ad Hoc Committee (LAFYE)

  • Chair:                         

RVNC Election 2018 Outreach Committee

  • Chair: David Rockello

Standing Rules & Elections Ad Hoc Committee (SRE)

  • Chair:                        


Community Liaisons:  (Please complete the form at https://lacity.quickbase.com/db/bkwgw9r68?a=nwr)

Animal Services - Kat N.

ARC Rep - Peter Q., Julio Santizo (Alt.)

Arts & Cultural Affairs - Mitchell Gutman

Cannabis/Marijuana Issues Liaison - Ronnie Reece

City Attorney - David Rockello & Jeffry Jameson

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) - Carolyn Burleson

DPW-MOU Rep/ DWP-AC Rep - David Rockello, Velinda Rockello (Alt.)

Homelessness - Ronee Reece

LAFD Central Bureau Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) -  Carolyn Burleson

Legal -

Planning/ Plancheck NC Liaisons; Ronnie Reece, Uver Santa Cruz

Public Works -

Grievance Panel - William Green

Neighborhood Council Emergency Preparedness Alliance (NCEPA) - Carolyn Burleson, Uver Santa Cruz

Purposeful Aging - Angela Joo