Rampart Village           
Neighborhood Council

Current Working Groups

Youth Outreach Planning:

Getting our youth civically engaged is vital to the future of our democracy.  This is why the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council is looking to ramp up its outreach efforts to young people.

This group will endeavor to create a comprehensive plan to better engage the youth & students of Rampart Village, and upon board approval, will go on to implement the plan.

The team will coordinate with our Student Youth Rep, our Youth & Social Media Committee and our Youth Issues Liaisons.  Current suggested ideas for organizations to work with include; Lafayette and Shatto Parks administrative staffs, the Bresee Foundation, Search to Involve Piliipino Americans (SIPA), Public Health Foundation Enterprise (PHFE), and the Heart Of Los Angeles (HOLA).

So help us inspire young minds and create a future generation where civic involvement will grow!  Sign up

Neighborhood Watch Creation:

Neighborhood Watches are proven to be effective in reducing crime.  Currently, we have only one neighborhood watch in Rampart Village.

We are looking for concerned citizens to make a time investment in helping us construct a comprehensive outreach initiative that will spark community interest in starting neighborhood watches.  So help make Rampart Village safer by
signing up today!

A Farmer's Market in Rampart Village?  Yes!

Isn't is about time we had one?  Recent history has proven Farmer's markets are very popular and as our eating habits have been swinging more and more to healthy choices, the time is ripe for us to make one happen in Rampart Village.  Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and help us make this happen?  Signing up is just a couple of clicks away!

Movie Nights Help Bring Friends and Families Together!

If you would like to build community interaction and have some good old-fashioned fun wile doing it, a movie night may be just the ticket. 

A trip to the movies is usually high on anyones list of activities for a fun night out. Family oriented films appeal to audiences of all ages and are a nice way to bring people together and build neighborhood spirit.  Sign up today to help in bringing our neighbors together!

RVNC wants to do more for our Seniors.  Ready to help us?!

Senior citizens all too often feel isolated.  We want to create a comprehensive plan to sponsor activities that bring older adults together with others in the community to learn, socialize, and have fun. 

Additionally, another aim is to incorporate our seniors into all of the initiatives and programs the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council will be implementing over the next year or more.  But we need your help right now to send two very simple messages to them.  "You have value and you are not alone!"  If this resonates with you, sign up now!